Photography As A Passion

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old cameraThe thing about me, is I truly believe that a picture paints a thousand words. People, places, events and pretty much everything under the sun (including the sun) can create an amazing picture that tells a story and attracts the eye.

Here are some of my top SLR and DSLR photography tips where I have split them into different categories – even if you don’t have one of these cameras there will still be some cool stuff in these sections I’m sure:

(1)    Photography Lenses – What To Use For What

(2)    What Camera Should You Be Using For Your Skill Level

That’s all I have for right now – but there’s gonna be more ‘a coming  :)

More About Me (a.k.a. Photography Kim)

I am one of those many people who always bring a camera with them, shoot anything and everything that captures my interest and find I’m always on the lookout for opportunities for an amazing photograph.

I was born to love art and so photography was a natural progression and I know how to appreciate things around me. There are so many reasons as to why photography is my passion.

One of the reasons why I am passionate about photography is that I love to capture every moment of my life, my family, friends and my other experiences. Photographs enable me to experience a lot of things – sometimes it gives me the opportunity to experience something which I have not even experienced. I love the way photos capture every moment in time and those captures bring back memories and moments to life. Just like how a certain song on your iPod can open the memory banks, so can pictures.

At times, blissful milestones and special moments of our life go undocumented – which is a crime in my book. And memory can often play tricks on you, often forgetting key details that a photography can often, so crudely, bring to the fore. There are certain photographs in my collection that I don’t really like to look at too often, as the memories they invoke can sometimes be quite raw and painful. I would not be able to recall such memories filled with emotions quite so easily without these photographic prompts I have in my collection.

Time passes and it cannot be turned back and with photography I can capture these memories and treasure them forever.  I enjoy looking back on these memories and even for the years to come. Photographs tell my story and bring to mind old memories.  As time drifts by, the value of photograph increases. One example is pictures of family members and friends who have lived their own lives may have very sentimental value and worth looking back in the coming years.

Documenting every moment and random scenes through pictures is just that important to me. Perhaps I am a person who holds on the past, the present and have an eye for the future. I have a collection of photos when I was a child and I love looking at them from time to time. It makes me smile and long to be a child once again.  We all have such photo collections that hold these kinds of sentiment, and it is these that are most precious – not shots I have taken that look the most professional.

The best thing about photography is that it freezes a moment in time that is worth treasuring and reminiscing over to share with friends and family. Moreover, it is interesting and does not seem to have a limit.  In this field, art and technology work hand in hand. It can be fun, creative and sometimes challenging. I see beauty in situations that are trivial and always love to capture these situations or scenes with competence.

Having a good camera is not enough to be able to produce a powerful and interesting picture. The key to having a good photograph is to have the skill to capture those situations that convey something or trigger an emotion.

To me, photography is a “practice” which can never be perfected. I am still taking photography courses to learn more about my passion and to develop my skills. Often, I take photos of people, events, nature, landscapes, and anything that happens to cross my lens – even the foods that I eat. I also document my travels through photographs. Photography is not my mission; I consider it as my passion and already in my nature. It is my dream to become a well known photographer and have my own studio someday.

I have my fair share of stories to tell, old memories to remember, emotions to express, experiences to share and be experienced and all of them are told and will be told through my photographs.

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